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5 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials, Girls Who Never Get Groomed Can Definitely Join


5 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials, Girls Who Never Get Groomet Can Definitely Join - Just like an ice cream flavor, the makeup look has a variety and you need to try everything. For those of you who are studying makeup, maybe you know one type of makeup display that is popular in Indonesia. That is, full makeup with thick contours and eyebrows that are often used by Indonesian artists. Even though, makeup is of many types and can be customized for various types of events!

As a girl, you better master at least one type of makeup look that you can use everywhere. Just calm, bro, makeup doesn't have to be hard! Here are 5 makeup displays that you can easily master even for those of you who are just learning to use makeup!

1. No makeup display or No Makeup look suitable for everyday activities! Even though it's plain, you still look fresh and ready for me!

Using the No Makeup look or look without makeup you must master. Like art students, mastering this one makeup technique is like mastering the initial base of shading images, but shading is your face! For this one display, you can just do four or five steps!

So, start your makeup routine with a moisturizer to keep your face healthy. Then use a foundation that is suitable or brighter one tone than your skin color. Then use a concealer in the area under the eyes to cover the black eye circles and blemishes on the cheeks. Don't forget to apply it with an inverted triangle pattern! Flat the concealer and finish and set the powder or ordinary powder. For this final step, you can add lip gloss or nude lipstick as a cover. You are also ready to look beautiful!

2. Look like a Korean artist with the look of dewy makeup! The key is in the BB cream that you use!

This is the look of makeup that is really hot now, not only in Korea but also in the whole world including Indonesia. Dewy Makeup is a simple makeup look that looks rather wet, how's that! The appearance is made to resemble naturally healthy and moist skin. Even Koreans often refer to this makeup as "the light, runny skin." The key to reaching the look of dewy makeup is on the bb cream you use. After that, you just carry out these easy steps!

•First, mix your moisturizer and BB cream evenly on the face. To produce a look that is "wet" try using BB cream like Precious Mineral bb cream blooming fit belonging to Etude House!

•Flatten the concealer on the area under the eyes and the side of the nose

•Add shimmer eyeshadow to the inside of the eye (may be passed) for additional light on the face. Apply a highlighter to the nose and cheekbones, then flatten it with a beauty blender.

•Finish with translucent powder or translucent powder!

3. The elegant and mysterious look of Smokey Eyes Makeup! Simple but really good for hangouts with friends

The appearance of Smokey Eyes is also one of the makeup displays that you need to master. Besides being easy, this one makeup is really used as a makeup mainstay to get out and play with friends. Do you want to know how to do it? Follow the 5 easy steps below

•First, make sure you have used your makeup base first. That's you, your foundation, moisturizer and powder.

•Second, wipe the eyeshadow primer if you have one, if you don't have it, just moisturize it!
Start by applying eyeshadow with the brightest color to all parts of the eyelids.

•Start by applying eyeshadow with the brightest color to all parts of the eyelids

•Then add your middle color to the folds of the eye or commonly called creases.

•Add the eyeshadow with the most color, then blend it all with an eyeshadow brush. For good results, blend your eyeshadow towards the brow bone.

•Finally, add eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eye so that the eyes stand out more, then add a little of your favorite mascara

4. A simple contour so that you chubby ones look thinner

Okay, don't be afraid first just because you hear the word contour! Indeed, the contour is identical to the steps that are quite complicated. Even so, the contour display is quite simple! You don't need to bother because you only need bronzer

•First use your basic makeup, moisturizer, concealer, and powder

•Then, apply bronzer or powder contour on the upper forehead and cheekbones as shown above.

•Blend or flatten with a brush or beauty blender.

•Finish with transluscent powder or finishing powder

5. Looks tempting with bold makeup. All eyes are on your teasing red lips

The appearance of bold makeup is one type of makeup that you need to master as a girl hits! The appearance of this one is perfect for romantic events such as dating friends or friends to friends! The method is easy because you only need to focus on your lips

•Just use a thin makeup base so your red lips aren't too crowded! Just use a moisturizer and foundation or bb cream.

•Use lip primers so that the lipstick lasts longer, if you don't have a lip primer, you can use foundation too.

•The outline of the lips with lipliner then fill in the inside still with the same lipliner

•Use your favorite red lipstick according to the lipliner shading

Well, there are some makeup designs that need to be mastered by every girl so that your grooming skills go up! By mastering the five basic makeup displays, you will also be impressed by the expert in dressing up. You always have weapons that can always be exchanged in different situations! Dating with boyfriend? playing to a friend's house? go to college? You also know which makeup needs to be used without taking much time! Cobain, girls!

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