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if you are a good person do this for the people around you

HERI3011- if you are a good person do this for the people around you

Humans are social beings, which means that in their daily lives they are not free from relationships or people around them ... but sometimes many consciously let the people around in trouble, distress
Hmm, I don't know what it is that doesn't have the chance to help or is really ignorant of others ..
Sometimes I was surprised and thought why ...? we should as others can help others while in trouble. .

 Sometimes the social status that distinguishes between us the rich and the poor. The rank with the low ..
For example, when there is a manager in the office as if he is the owner of his power, it is he who has our lives ... arrogant arrogant. Treat us like slaves
The position is only temporary ... Wealth while all of us all end up dead. Rich just the song lyrics .......

"the rich die ...
 the poor die the king of the king dead ... 
all the dead are facing the divine world that is sought ... 
it will not mean ... ...... cheated by the world mortal ... ... 
even after the end ... "

 Ahh, the lyrics won't work for worldly lovers
The point in life is that the most important thing is useful for others to embrace protecting us as leaders

 Together, towards success to a peaceful life. Embracing each other holding hands towards the summit. Not blasphemous and berating each other.
The point is that human beings who can be useful for other people are the ones who get the true happiness ... and the goal is towards success


Get what you are aiming for. Remember we live in the world. Our phase is only created ... born into a temporary life and a short death ... right when you live without doing something that means good for yourself or others . If what our life is like, then the funds will be like what we see in the people who have gotten us when we were in the world. ..
Okee friend don't forget to keep doing good while we can ...
While this gado gado article is enough until here another time will be connected again .. Don't get bored reading because by reading we can see the world .. even the Prophet Muhammad SAW when he got the first revelation in Hiro Cave that was said by Gabriel to Roaululloh "iqroo "means reading ...

Don't forget to give advice and input...

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